Outpost: Infinity Siege - Steam Summer Sale and Phase 3 Update Announcement!

Dear players, hello! This is Team Ranger Studio. The phase 3 update is now playable and will be released in the near future. We will soon invite players for a closed test, so if you're interested, please keep an eye on our Discord for registration details!
In the meantime, "Outpost: Infinity Siege" is also participating in the summer sale, with a 20% discount on both the Standard and Vanguard editions! Welcome to purchase!

Game Intro
Step into the ultimate battle with Outpost: Infinity Siege, a dynamic fusion of first-person shooter and third-person RTS gameplay. Developed by TeamRanger and published by Lightning Games, Outpost is powered by Unreal Engine 5 to deliver an intense visual spectacle. Plan your strategy carefully and face off against monstrous hordes with a deluge of firepower.

Reclaim the apocalyptic world destroyed by AI
In a far future where AI turns against humanity, you are part of the Earth United Army (EUA). Scavenge, build, and command your Outpost in a desperate battle against humanity's very own creation. Your mission: Survive, build up your Outpost, and destroy the AI's central core in space.

Explore the wasteland and build your Outpost
You play as a heroic Outpost commander, methodically scouring the land under the protection of your Outpost. Use the resources you have gathered to build new facilities and expand your Outpost.
Start with a tiny base and gradually build it into a battleship on wheels to decimate the opposition.

XEN Firearm, an intimate customization experience
Character progression in Outpost incorporates many classic RPG elements. Special abilities, equipment stats, and your very own fully customizable weapon, the XEN Firearm.
Your XEN Firearm comes with a plethora of slots. Each XEN you insert into the slots will combine and can modify your firepower, effective range, bullet size and many more unique parameters, allowing for an endless combination. Customize your weapon into a personal extension of yourself and let it truly speak for who you are.

Be a soldier or a commander? Why not both?
As you fight against the mechanical onslaught, you will be able to switch between views in real time to either jump into the action personally and unleash your deadly firepower,or command your Outpost and direct your character from a bird's-eye view. Play together with a friend for even more tactical combinations as you work together to turn your Outpost into a metal grinder to obliterate your enemies.

Command a powerful Cataphract mech as you progress into the game. Charge into your enemies with unstoppable mobility and firepower to decimate your adversaries.




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Imagine using AI to write a post which is supposed to showcase your game... 


MaxorMeow said: 21d

Imagine using AI to write a post which is supposed to showcase your game... 

edited 21d

Like it says, it is a a game in which you reclaim the apocalyptic world destroyed by AI. First, AI has to destroy the world, only then you can reclaim it.