Nooooooo!!!!!! Axe Master game shut down before I could play. I was pressing the controller icon just to see if it would work and it restarted and pretended I finished it. No way to get back to it.
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02.08.2024 06:13:41 - AllTracTurbo -
I would have done the same, but luckily I read a comment before playing that said not to click it.
02.08.2024 06:15:01 - AllTracTurbo -
I didn't know what I was doing, but I did get to play. I thought it said I won 1000 DRP, but it gave me 1000 ARP. I'm not sure if it messed up or if I read it wrong and 1000 ARP is one of the prizes. I would prefer the DRP though.
02.08.2024 07:55:27 - mktiger -
For me it ended before it even started - 5 ARP :/
02.08.2024 10:21:24 - TheMajesticGoat -
This happened to me as well. I wish I read the comments first.
02.08.2024 16:07:03 - AW__Tom -
We're going to look at fixing this for next week
02.08.2024 16:12:38 - Not Ripley -
Check your ARP log to see if it gave you any ARP from completing the mini game. The prizes are random so you may have gotten something even though you didn't actually do the event.
02.08.2024 16:17:02 - TurdFerguson87 -
5 ARP, I presume. 7 ARP was from the one before it. I don't have any other ARP from any minigame today.
02.08.2024 22:33:41 - Manolin186 -
The same thing happened to me, what a scam. Why change what worked well?
02.09.2024 01:48:34 - AllTracTurbo -
I didn't get a message from anyone, but it looks like support swapped the 1000 ARP to DRP for me. Thanks whoever fixed that :) Getting 10 DRP helps some after missing out on the 50 DRP from the marketplace because I didn't know it was goi
02.11.2024 02:24:46 - RWarehall -
I did the same thing. Thought I might need to click it to play with kb+mouse...