[Ugh, formatting] Be me; Have a saved wishlist of games on the Dell site; Save up on DRP for a long while; Convert DRP before expiration date; Attempt to add games to the shopping cart; Find out it won't add the game; Find out the game is no longer in the store; Find out some other games on the list are also missing; Get 1 game that's working and blow almost all the converted DRP at once These games didn't disappear a week ago! At least it wasn't a birthday gift, or I'd be really upset.
Really, now?
Steve Bartman did nothing wrong!
Nooooooo!!!!!! Axe Master game shut down before I could play. I was pressing the controller icon just to see if it would work and it restarted and pretended I finished it. No way to get back to it.
I feel soooo duped. Earlier I got an alert for a giveaway here, Islands of Insight. It was originally marked as a beta. I came back later so I could redeem the code. Now it says it's "Demo Early Access". 💀 *Heck, even the home page currently confirms it, so I'm not imagining things!
Meant to post this earlier, but RE: Quests. The same thing happened for day 4. What I observed though is apparently only the Control Center is affected. The quest page which has the identical panel has the quest updated. This does need to be fixed.
LOL there's no Day 3 quest.
Settle down there, AWA!
Hello World. Now I am lost.