Demo Children of Morta

Demo Children of Morta

Pixel action RPG from the studio Dead Mage and publisher 11 bit studios received a free demo version. On Steam, the game should be released in the summer of 2019, but for now a pre-order is available.

The Children of Morta action takes place in faraway lands, but the story tells what is familiar and close to everyone: about simple but dear to the heart feelings, in which it is sometimes difficult to confess, about love and hope, sadness and doubt, loss and great sacrifices, to which we go in order to save those who are especially dear to us.

You will go on an adventure with an unusual family of real heroes. When Fel soaks the earth, it's time for the guards of Mount Morta to fight the ancient evil. But this story is not about saving the world ... but about a brave family in which they hold tightly to each other, even when darkness threatens to swallow the whole world.

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Дрыц Тыц телевизор?


une démo, ok !






Free demo is great!


is a big demo and a great game.


i don't play demo anymore...



game looks buety for me but demo and that price for a full game little hurt



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Children of Morta

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