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New Member Benefits

Elder Scrolls Online CM; Former Global Site Manager
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We're always working to try and bring our loyal community members opportunities they'll love and find tremendous value in. As a thanks for showing up and being an Alienware Arena Community member, we're giving our UK members an exclusive Alienware Arena member discount to use on


As part of this discount, anyone who takes advantage of this discount will get:

  • 10% off all Alienware laptops & desktops
  • 15% off all Alienware monitors
  • 20% off all Alienware accessories


All UK members can access this discount via the Dell Advantage program, now conveniently located in your user tray. To access it, click your user icon in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to the Dell Advantage icon in your user tray.



We're so excited to be able to offer this to the community, and hope you'll check out and take advantage of this Arena member benefit.


Replies • 2

When will the United States and other countries have access to the Dell advantage feature? 


I've been trying to redeem this for months using the button and it keeps giving me errors. I'm in the UK so it should work.

Whenever I click on the "Claim your Exclusive Membership Discount" button, it takes me to a page with some blurb about unchecking the tickbox if I don't want marketing communications, some blurb about the VIP club and there's an empty field box which I presume is where you're meant to put an email address - but it doesn't have a label or any instructions around the box or anywhere on the page. I type in my email address and click Submit but I constantly get the error "Oops something went wrong, please click on the FAQ.". So I click on the FAQ and it takes me to a new page that just has the text "Sample Static Page. Hello World, How ae you"

This has been broken for months.