Homeworld 3 Alienware Emblem Key Giveaway

Claim Your Alienware Emblem and Mark Your Fleet with Distinction!

Strategic freedom is yours. Hulking space derelicts called megaliths bring 3D terrain into the classic Homeworld battlespace.

About Homeworld 3:
Tactical, beautiful, and wholly unique, the GOTY-winning sci-fi RTS returns with Homeworld 3. Assume control and battle through fleet combat in dazzling, fully 3D space while the award-winning story unfolds on a galactic scale.

How To Get Your Giveaway

  • 1. Create or log in to your Alienware Arena account.
  • 2. Click the "GET KEY" button.
  • 3. Navigate to the SHiFT menu by clicking the SHiFT "S" in the top right of your game menu.
  • 4. Login to or Sign up for SHiFT.
  • 5. Your current platform will automatically link your SHiFT account to the platform you are playing Homeworld 3 on.
  • 6. Navigate to the "Redeem" menu inside the SHiFT screen and enter your code to redeem.