Well boys, the key giveaway gods have gifted me Amanda the Adventurer. Hopefully it's fire
You would think Helldivers devs would have learned from the Rocket League backlash. Nobody wants accounts on other platforms to play your game
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems Chai Stones don't affect calendar days that give backgrounds, cosmetics, or shards. Would love to hear from mods if this is as intended
Thoughts on the new set? The 10 % seems decent; however, after calculating, doesn't seem like it'll outpace twitch and daily calendar artifacts.
Anyone here actually win a community giveaway, or is it just the bots? Haven't seen anyone post their excitement for winning yet. Feel free to post below & brag
New artifact needs some buffing. Consider making the bonus apply to steam quest games too, or it's rather useless.
Friendly reminder to run up your hours on that community event for "The Finals". 38k at the moment, and 50k gets us all an artifact.
Encouragement post for mods/admins to express thanks for the survey reimbursement. While it's important to hold others accountable, I feel it's also equally valid to deliver praise when something is fixed properly. Keep this same energy going forward towards ARP errors & I'm sure the user-base will always feel appreciated
2:00 on the dot. Pain.
Word on the street is little to no compensation for lost ARP due to Twitch glitches. Considering how they've removed ARP gained through glitches in the past, that's a pretty low move. A simple 25-50 ARP quest would likely make it fair enough for everyone. Would love to hear from the mods
ARP stonks
Oh boy. Would love to know the reason behind the forum change.