Hearthstone Card Contest Winners Announced

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Our Arena Hearthstone enthusiasts entered their creative flavor text for our fictional Alienware Hearthstone card.  Entrants were asked to create the best flavor text for the card pictured on the entry page that captures the weaponized gaming power of the Alienware system.  The judges results are in and our winners are:

Grand Prize:  Mark, L., Dumfries, Scotland wins an Alienware Aurora

" When you summon the power of the AURORA even the GODS take notice"

​2nd Place:  Russell G., Cambridge, United Kingdom wins an Alienware peripheral set

"This alien technology is massively advanced. *meh* ...and shiny *I must have it!!*


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BROKEN Brilliance

Congrats to the winners, That's a hell of a grand prize though.


A new power station will need to be built in Dumfries! Congratulations!

just would like to say a big thankyou to everyone for the congrats. thankyou as well to the alienware team for the prize. pics to follow :)